Hi, I’m Maria Milagros Kowalski!

Manifestress of Women’s Dreams


Hi, I’m Maria Milagros Kowalski!

Manifestress of Women’s Dreams



I am an expert in working with women who are looking for a transformation in their lives. For more than 20 years I’ve walked the path of spiritual awakening that led me to discover a new feminine spirituality, essential for the fulfillment of every woman.

I am a woman like you and one day I dared to ask myself with complete sincerity if I was happy. I said yes to finding myself and began to heal my past. I said yes to finding myself and began to heal my past and I am here to tell you that it can be done.

I faced many difficulties and also extraordinary beautiful experiences. Today I’ve created a life with purpose, I love what I do and you can also do the same.

Only you have the true power to turn the key that will open the door for your happiness…

Before I started coaching women full time in 2019 I led a successful career as a producer and editor for 25 years. I led magazine projects, TV shooting, photography, large format fashion, music and art events in Spain and the USA, working with great artists, sports celebrities and internationally recognized brands. I’ve also been the director of projects that included launching new products internationally in Europe and Latin America.

Parallel to my professional career in the creative industries, I walked a dedicated spiritual path that led me to an important shift in consciousness. This led me to study yoga, therapeutic theater, natural and energy medicine, dance, women’s circles and shamanism, which have shaped my work and are the bases of what I offer today to all women.




Shamanism is the path of the original peoples to understand the Universe and the law of relationships.

This way of life brings us back to living in harmony with the Earth and with all our relationships.

And why did I come to those studies? Because I experienced situations of family karma that were very difficult and stressful, which forced me to seek answers.

I’ve also had the immense joy of reconnecting in this Life with the vibratory frequency of the consciousness of the Great Mother (Goddess) manifested in Nature.  She is the feminine aspect of Divinity and it is essential to all women to re-establish our spiritual connection with Her so we can all recover our essence. The Great Mother is the source of self-esteem healing for all women.

The institutionalized belief in the West that God is only man has affected the way we value ourselves.

This millennial belief has collectively subjugated women to a place of inferiority, affecting our self-esteem, our ability to support ourselves financially and to really be able to walk knowing our power and valuing our contribution to the world.

I am certain that the future of the world lies in the heart of every woman. Because where we pour our heart into, life flourishes. Also, we care, preserve, nourish and watch over the well-being of everything and everyone.

I understood that supporting women is the most important thing we need to do  if we want a better world.

In 2001 I had a spiritual awakening experience that changed my view on Life. As a result of that, I understood that we are not only matter and this body, but that we are energy and my path of discovering energy healing and natural medicine began. Also in 2006 I had a mystical experience with Mother Earth, where I saw her breathing. She is a conscious living being that is calling all of us women to return to a reconnection and belonging as her daughters.

Everything that’s manifesting in your life depends on the state of consciousness you have now.

I will help you bring clarity so you can move forward feeling at peace and in harmony with all of your relations.

If you open the door, your life will transform and you will begin to live your dreams, creating a better life for you, your loved ones and the world.