“María, you really helped me sooooo much, you have no idea. I told a few friends about you. I am going to keep insisting because I want them to experience it for themselves”.


“Thank you so much for this moment, I really needed it and it has helped me in ways I cant describe it. The massage exceeded my expectations in every level possible. I would recommend this without hesitation”.


“Maravilloso! El masaje de María es un viaje multidimensional”

― Nina

“What a beautifully meaningful womb blessing we attended with the wonderful Maria Kowalski. She is compassionate and calmly vibrant, and has such a loving presence. I loved how effortlessly she flows from Spanish to English and back! Your presence is a true gift.”

― Meenakshi Suri

“I have had de opportunity to work with Maria the Womb Blessing and also I have sent clients that need to work with their femininity. Her love for women, for humanity itself, is transmitted in all her work. My life has changed since I start working with Maria in a way that I can´t describe […]

Yoly Ripepi

“Maria is a beautiful Spiritual healer with a very intuitive sense of the body. She is definitely guided in a profound way. The energy in her hands are amazing! I loved my massage session with her which was Shamanistic and extremely therapeutic. I felt energized the next day. If you enjoy nurturing feminine wisdom and […]

Christina Pearce 

“!Me encantó el círculo Musa! Gracias por tu enseñanza y conexión.”

Aba María 

“Muy bueno el círculo, 100% recomendado. Me voy feliz”.


“Es primera vez que conecto de esta manera tan profunda en la meditación. Vi muchas imagenes, !me encantó! gracias”


Nunca antes había oído hablar de un Sauna Vaginal, tras una relación abusiva me siento renovada y llena de amor y paz. Ahora tengo una nueva apreciación por el templo sagrado que es mi cuerpo, me siento rejuvenecida y por siempre agradecida con María.


Inspired by the shamanic wheel Activate Your Muse intends to journey with you so you fully ground yourself in the place reserved for you and only you in the Universe.

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