To enter the female temple is to rewrite history, it is to rescue the legacy that many wise and ancient women bequeathed to us. Parting from the premise that all women are wise, as we all have that inner wisdom that if we only let Her talk, She will teach us the way, if we give Her space to feel the instinct and we do not judge Her She will show us the mystery of Her truth, Her magic, Her conscience. This consciousness that lies within us is the Divine Mother, the Goddess and She wants to communicate with you.

But there is a lot of fear, there is a lot of shame and ignorance about this consciousness. Centuries of silence especially in Western society that tried to erase something that is impossible to eliminate, many wise women ridicule and even burned because of their devotion to the path of the Divine Mother.

To reconnect we need other women who have already walked the path in their own lives and who can share from their personal experiences and show us the way back to the Goddess, to the inner female universal wisdom.

The workshops, the healings and the rituals that I facilitate are guided by the Divine Mother (an aspect of Divinity, of God of the Universe that is feminine) this consciousness is the promise of the new world, of a total renewal of the Spirit of creating new ways of living for the whole humanity, not only for women.

It is the most sacred and important adventure that women have in these times because with our courage to say Yes to this calling to our feminine awakening we will be leaving a historical legacy for all future generations. We will truly be giving birth to the new world of peace.

If you currently feel that you have not reached the place you have searched for, if you know that there is a lot you can give to others, if you have not achieved your mission in life, if you know that apart from your day-to-day tasks there is something more that you have not yet managed to decipher, if you would like to explore your creativity, give way to your sensuality, feel good in your skin, in your body, have freedom, realize dreams, enjoy romantic relationships … if you love nature, flowers, if you are intuitive and sometimes you know more than what they have told you, if your menstruation hurts or if you have had an illness in your ovaries or breasts, if you have already raised your children and now you feel the nest empty… this path can be the one you were waiting for.

Welcome, I have felt all those things and the path brought me here after a beautiful and long walk. Now I am happy to be your guide so that you discover all your magic, your potential and your radiance.

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