My Offerings

If you feel the call to walk with me, I offer you the following:


Return to Love: my personalized and individual program to support you to return to your connection with love and together create the Life you dream of.


Activate your Musa: a path for your transformation in the Womb of the Great Mother


Musa Garden Wheel of the Year: The spiritual path for the embodiment of your soul through the ancient and timeless wisdom of the Goddess.


And the trip to Egypt from November 12 to 24, 2024

My gifts:


Garden of Eden Meditation


Medicine Music Playlist


“I feel so alive and renewed! The sessions with Maria are not only to heal the body but also the soul. Maria is a true shamanic healer”



“A beautiful and powerful experience. She helped me heal and let go. The herbal steam for Womb and vagina is important for all women”.


“This beautiful woman is amazing, if you need healing she will open the door for you. I feel at peace with my past and I am open to my future with hope and excitement”.

“An unforgettable experience, Maria puts her whole heart into what she does and she takes you by the hand to help you remember where you come from and where you are going. Maria is pure light. Through the personal program I was able to remember again about the importance of being alive and sharing my medicine with the world”



“María helps you free yourself and pushes you to create what you came to do in this Life. Thank you for your generosity in sharing so much wisdom”

“I experienced a session of herbal steam baths and reiki for the first time with María and it was one of the most beautiful and exquisite experiences for my self-care. I am grateful for this new understanding to take care of my body and soul as a woman."



“In the retreat with María I was able to close a cycle that I had been healing for years! I was able to forgive myself and free myself. Thank you Maria for creating a safe and sacred space for this rebirth”

“My experience with Maria was exquisite on many levels. The conversation, the dance and the energy opened up a place of sweetness inside of me that was blocked. Every day more and more I am embracing my femininity, my wisdom and my heart”