Are You Ready For A New Life? 

Every Woman Came to Earth to Blossom

For that to happen it is essential that every woman returns to her spiritual connection with Mother Earth and the Great Mother

When did you stop dancing?

When did you stop singing?

When did you stop feeling your sensuality?

When did you stop enjoying silence?

When did you start living your life on automatic?

When did you stop dancing?

When did you stop singing?

When did you stop feeling your sensuality?

When did you stop enjoying silence?

When did you start living your life on automatic?

That happens because you probably gave away your power and continued living without that part of yourself that you gave to others:

a partner, work, family or in some possibly traumatic event that you couldn’t register.  

My Offerings:

Musa Garden Wheel of the Year

The spiritual path for the embodiment of your soul through the ancient and timeless wisdom of the Goddess.

Activate your Musa

The spiritual path for the incarnation of your soul through the ancient and eternal wisdom of the Goddess.
Find peace with your past, live fully with your present, trust your intuition and be the owner of your destiny.

Renacer Mujer (in Spanish)

This program is focused on women who seek to improve their health and their lives from the connection with their Womb.

Return to love

My personalized and individual program to support you to return to your connection with love and together create the Life you dream of.



I’m María Milagros

My mission is to support you to live the Life you dream of and deserve, through the connection with the Great Universal Mother and the tools that helped me and that I now offer you.


As women, each one of us is making our personal alchemy, returning to our essence and by doing so, we are helping to raise the vibration of the collective.

Being the owner of our voice and our power, knowing how to set limits, not compromising what is important to us, learning to give ourselves what we need, opening ourselves to sensuality and sexual pleasure, to more creativity, abundance, compassion and love is possible and it is our birthright. Only we can create the space to decide and put ourselves in the vortex of everything that is good for our Life.

I have seen many women reborn who have been able to process losses, abortions, sexual abuse, pain, uprooting, divorces, crises, menopausal pain, pain during intercourse, post-traumatic stress and activate their sensuality, sexuality and creativity

All women go through similar experiences and here you have found a safe place that will offer you the support you need to go through this stage of your life.

What the women who have worked with me say

“An unforgettable experience, Maria puts all her heart into what she does and takes you by the hand to help you remember where you come from and where you are going. Maria is pure light.”.


“Todo mi cuerpo y mi interior pasaron por un proceso de sanación profundo. María, mis compañeras, el jaguar y todos los animales de poder me ayudaron y continúan haciéndolo. Tengo la certeza en mi corazón de que esta grandiosa experiencia puede ayudar a muchas personas”.


“María te ayuda a liberarte y a empujarte a crear lo que viniste a hacer en esta Vida. Gracias por tu generosidad en compartir tanta sabiduría”.


“Esta hermosa mujer es espectacular, si necesitas sanación ella abrirá la puerta para ti. Me siento en paz con mi pasado y estoy abierta a mi futuro con mucha esperanza y emoción”.


I love my work

I love being a part of women’s transformation. Together we discover that new path that is opening up, filling it with new possibilities and creating a new myth for your Life.

I love seeing how a woman gives herself permission to be reborn, to recreate her Life in search of her happiness. I love to feel the presence of the Divine Mother when she comes to support us in all the different aspects of her Great Mother.

I love to see the spark of the Goddess when she ignites in every woman.

It is a great honor to serve you.

5-year-old me with my maternal grandmother Carmen

I discovered that to be fulfilled we need to integrate these 4 timelines of our herstory:

The experiences of our ancestors

The energy we brought from past lives

What we live in this life that marked us

The historical moment that is present in the collective consciousness

The dragonfly is a symbol of transformation, rebirth and the return to home to your Woman’s Soul

Where have you been limiting yourself?  

What are you waiting for?  

Do you dare to fly fast and free? 

The dragonfly tells you:   

Get on my wings and I’ll take you quickly to your best destination.

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