I am Maria Milagros Kowalski!

I wash your feet with water and fresh roses and I welcome you to the Temple of Love of the Divine Mother.


I am Maria Milagros Kowalski!

I wash your feet with water and fresh roses and I welcome you to the Temple of Love of the Divine Mother.



It has taken me a long time to get here; a search full of stories that I share in everything I do with a lot of love. In that search I found this great truth: women are the most beautiful flower in the Garden of Eden.

On this path I realized that the connection with the Womb is a master key to our awakening and it is from that place where I always start my connection with each woman. It is deep and beautiful to know that all women share a destiny and to see how more and more of us are hearing the call of the Awakening of the Consciousness of the Divine Feminine, or of the Goddess or of the Great Universal Mother.

My path of remembering and reactivating the template codes of the original design of the Mother began with a series of events from the year 2001, where I experienced a spiritual awakening. During all these years I have been deciphering the map that has led me to the awakening of the Musa (Divine Feminine).

After traveling to Egypt and after a rest time, I have been able to integrate the new frequencies and codes that I have been receiving to embody them and walk them. I have been able to heal the deep wounds that every woman carries in her psyche: shame, devaluation, self-demand, self-sabotage and abuse, abusive relationships, competition.

I look back and I also find many reasons to be infinitely grateful. For having gone through pain, anguish, desolation, uprooting, fear and confusion. For having found true love and for having magical people by my side, friends, teachers, initiations, portals. For cultivating a relationship with the four elements, from which I continue to learn every day. For having found me, for knowing me, for having been heard by the Divine and for having healed so much pain. For having found my voice and my place. For having crowned myself sovereign and authentic. For having recognized and valued myself.

I have experienced motherhood and raising a child, I have loved, I have created and every day I wake up with the illusion of what I want to share, these treasures that were given to me as immense gifts.

Of the things I love:

I love dancing, plants and trees. I love the rivers although I also really enjoy the sea. I love what I do, I love cooking and reading, having a delicious coffee in the morning with a good book. I love sunsets. I love learning and teaching. I love Mother Earth and learning with her. I love animals and traveling. I love discovering new restaurants. I love creating altars and praying. I am a lover because I love a lot. I love being a mother and I love being sensual. I love to create and embrace.

We are the four living and contained essences: we are Water, Fire, Earth and Wind. We are the ones who dance with the moon and its cycles and in us lives a girl, a teenager, an adult woman and a wise woman. The Earth and The Great Universal Mother have been calling us home, to return to the connection with the original archetype of the Great Mother, source of all well-being and abundance. We are called to restore our true self-esteem through the ancestral universal wisdom of the feminine (Sophia), with our love, beauty and especially with pleasure.

There are many reasons to celebrate and especially you have to celebrate because all women are meeting. Together we are rewriting history and restoring the memory of the woman who once walked without injury. It is through walking aligned with our truth, with our heart and with our essence that we are achieving it. There is a new way of being in Life, which is anchored in ancient but also futuristic teachings. They are powerful light codes that are new to our consciousness because their sharing has been lost to the patriarchy.

I am excited that you are here and together we continue to discover our potential, for our well-being and that of all existence. It is also what I want to leave as a legacy to my nieces and all the women who come after me. Here we share the treasures found in this journey of awakening and remembering. Really, whoever searches finds and when you find it you share it.

Being a woman is an art and the School the Awakening of the Musa is the school with the maps for the encounter of the Goddess in you.

You are a Sacred and magical Musa


Musa means many things: inspiration, goddesses who embody and emanate virtues and beauty.

Musa is also the original universal woman of ancient wisdom.