My name is María Milagros Kowalski and I could tell you many things about me, but what I want you to know is that:

You have a source of inexhaustible love and abundance that wants to manifest itself in your life.

And I know because I found it, and that source is called Mother Nature, I am a channel to help you return to your relationship with Mother Nature because she is calling you and she is asking that you connect with your womb so you can activate this very special part of your body that acts like a brain and is a source of spiritual wisdom.

I am certified herbal womb steam practitioner that helps with all things related to our womb health.

From physical challenges to emotional traumas. Even if you don’t have any issues you will benefit from this practice and receive an enhancement in your sexuality, wellbeing, intuition and so much more.

My goal is that you connect with your own healing power and that you learn to listen to Mother Nature so that you can also walk with her blessings at every moment, it is your inheritance. That is the mission that She has given me.


Mother Nature calls you to remember that you are not separated from Her … you are nature: you are earth, air, fire and water and in this right relationship you can flourish and all your life will be transformed. You will receive unique messages that will speak to what you need to address to make the necessary changes that will bring you happiness and wellbeing.


Through the shamanic, artistic and holistic healing practices that I have learned through 20 years of intense Spiritual path I created a safe space of healing and transformation for women, obtaining concrete and tangible results, a before and after in the life of the women that I have worked with.


I can do this work because I have lived it and I continue to live it in my own life, and having experienced it I have become that channel for the messages of Mother Nature to flow, a Being so wonderful, kind and loving but who also has the strength of a jaguar to be able to come and take what is no longer needed in your life.
In my past life I was executive, director of departments in companies, representative of artists, audiovisual producer, mother, wife… and all that has given me the experience of life to be able to understand where you are. 


I’ve been removing layers and in this process of transformation and reaching the essence of who I am, I’ve died and I’ve been reborn several times. I consider myself a “spiritual midwife” that helps you go through your Spiritual birth canal.


I love you sister because Mother loved me first and showed me how immense is her love for me and for all.

Creator of the ActivaTuMusa online program for women based on the Wheel of Shamanic Medicine.

CEO and founder of LaMusaCircle LLC, we are part of the worldwide women’s circle movement to promote peace, well-being and transformation aligned with the Divine Feminine principles.


Creator of GinaVSteam to promote womb and vaginal wellbeing

Inspired by the shamanic wheel Activate Your Muse intends to journey with you so you fully ground yourself in the place reserved for you and only you in the Universe.

Spiritual Guidance
Womb Healing
Ancestral Lineage Healing

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