The women who have gone through Activate your Musa have managed to heal aspects of their lives that they hadn’t finished healing and releasing. They connected with that wise woman who knows her connection with nature and with the cosmos. This program gave them confidence in their intuition, increased listening to their bodies, and activated their creativity and vision. All the women learned to create their sacred and ceremonial space. They all contacted their beauty and leave full of self-love, self-confident and eager to start a new stage in their lives.

More specifically, they tell me that this course changed their vision of themselves.

Here are some of their stories:



Thanks to this program every week I have felt an awakening and I have gotten the answers to many questions that I have been having throughout the growth process that I have been doing! I feel more sure of myself, I have spoken and healed my inner child and my teenager. I know this is the beginning of a long road but I am happy to have met Maria and to be able to develop myself in this transformation with her!


Activate your muse, a program that every woman should take. You learn to discover the true woman in you. I discovered my healing power and how beautiful it is to be able to help other women. Your senses awaken and you give meaning to your life when you see that this awakening is something that was in you but asleep and had a date to wake up, that group of women, healing and activating their sensuality, their power, was already an agreement of past lives and that we were predestined for this moment. Thank you Maria for the teachings and the connection with our being, our wombs and life


“One day I was looking for how to have a stronger connection with Nature, something told me to do it and that’s when I found a video of María talking about the healing of the Uterus and that connection that arises when the Uterus is healed. I wrote to her and signed up for her program. The first session was very exciting because she explained the process and that caught my attention more and more. I tell you that my second class with María was unforgettable when she activated the inner child in me, it was like a bomb, my feelings were activated with everything that had happened in my childhood and it was all that hidden there. Maria gave me a healing session via Zoom and it was wow great, I felt that energy of hers, her gifts, and her teachers, healing, removing, cleaning my whole body. I cried and freed myself from all that ancestral and karmatic energy that the ancestors leave us for thousands of years. I recommend all women in this world to seek this wonderful healing and this connection with mother earth and all of nature.”


This program opened the doors of my heart. Thank you for so much love❤️ María Kowalski, for answering the call and sharing your experiences with so many women”.


This program opened the doors of my heart. Thank you for so much love❤️ María Kowalski, for answering the call and sharing your experiences with so many women”.




“Good morning sisters! I tell you that since last Wednesday I had not been able to sleep well, restless, uncomfortable, awake until last night, I think it is the magic of praying together, that by healing one of us we all heal, perhaps those processes of yours are helping me…. thank you thank you thank you”.



“Maria guides women to find their truth in a creative and sensual way.”

Jackie Ferrerosa

Miami, FL, LMT, Shamanic Practitioner.

“Last night I dreamed of a beautiful hummingbird and it released colors, it danced to a subtle and elegant rhythm, you could see the joy, happiness and emotion that emanated from its wings, for me it is the confirmation of how magical and transformative walking has been this year from the hand of several teachers and one of them @Maria Milagros Kowalski thank you for your teachings and dedication in what you know and have as a gift”. 

Kisbel, Venezuela 

“It is a program full of magic, beauty, strength, truth, healing….. It is actually a tremendous blessing!! María is a generous woman and she is beautiful in every way, I admire her a lot… she makes us women present be reborn in deep love for ourselves and for life! ”. 

Rocío, Chile 

“Activate your Muse is a program that is difficult to explain in words. From day one, it was amazing how things were moving and creating positive changes in my life. In addition, it is accompanied by the dedication and wisdom of Maria and the support of the group of women who take the program. One of the best shows I’ve done in my life. In eternal gratitude to Maria!”. 

Andreina Prada’s 

“Thank you Maria, for uniting us all in this sacred circle, for being present and for taking us to this magical moment!”. 

Annie Valdivia 

“Activate your Musa was a very strong moment in my journey because I married myself. The wonderful process of reconnection to Earth created by María is unique. Being accompanied in this process by a female shaman is a gift from heaven because she allows us to connect with each other through the uterus, which is the energetic center of what I call the non-rational intelligence of the human being. I thank María from the bottom of my heart for having accompanied me on this path full of flowers, abundance and perfect health”. 

Beatrice, Francia 


“Activate your Musa was a wonderful path to rediscover the woman that I am, exploring and healing the divine feminine. It was very nourishing to be aware that the girl, the adolescent, the adult woman and the wise woman, are all present and latent within me and they all make me up. Thank you, María, for allowing me and accompanying me to explore and walk this beautiful path“. 


“Having the magic of Maria has made my life one miracle after another.”

Mercedes, México DF.

“I was able to connect with my inner child in a fun and innocent way. I feel refreshed and like she has come home.”

Guayana Páez-Acosta,

Fundadora y CEO de Athena-Lab for Social Change.

“I am so happy to have my mandala! Finally!!!!! And I feel his medicine. Yesterday I also had a chocolate after creating the mandala and offering him tobacco. It was beautiful. And it was an important trip too. The biggest thing I got out of it was to look at the things in my life that I want to erase or eliminate and instead have gratitude and love for them. Love them and thank them for being teachers and teaching me what I don’t want in my life. And we know this for sure but when you really feel it, it’s something else. I also saw a tool connected to my uterus that was going around. It was healing my uterus and reminding me that it is my source of power and also surrounding me with beautiful things. As if I were in a painting”.

Nikki, USA 

“Wow, I finally recognize how beautiful I am and I am ready to live my life showing myself and embracing my femininity. My Muse was activated, thanks Maria. I was able to release that memory of sexual abuse from my childhood, which despite having worked on it many times was still there”.

Vivian, Costa Rica 

“When I received the invitation to Activate your Muse I felt a bit of resistance because I was not sure if I «fit» in a program with such a shamanic content. I finally gave myself the opportunity to open up to what had come to me for some reason at this point in my life. I decided to be a part of that experience and get over my need to fit in. Everything I learned and received throughout this beautiful journey was truly wonderful. I loved exploring the women in their different stages that live in me, the community and the guidance and loving support we received from Maria. I feel that the work with the medicine wheel opened a port for me that has allowed me a very deep exploration of myself. The program has already finished but the work with the wheel continues. Thank you Maria for this beauty you have created!”. 

Lizzy Guhl 

“Activate your Muse has been an awakening for me in every way, a path full of discoveries and light that will accompany me for the rest of my life! Everything I learned was wonderful, a unique encounter with my feminine and becoming aware of how powerful we are! I believe that every woman should take this spiritual journey, which opens magical doors in perfect dimensions”.

Paula Escobar 

Activate your Muse was a space for personal and spiritual growth, in the company of wonderful women. I learned a lot from them, seeing them overcome their difficulties with love and being inspired by their stories and experiences.

Thank you María Milagros, for opening a space where we feel supported, included, loved, and also for giving us tools to explore our interior. With this program I was able to get to know myself better, work on my weak points and face the future with more confidence in myself. I am extremely grateful to be a Muse!”.

Saray De Andrade 


“Maria creates a healing safe space that allowed me to connect more deeply to my feminine energy and unite it with my masculine energy.”

Barby Jiménez 

“Maria entered my life and I remembered the Rebirth of the Goddess. Sharing this path with you has been an acknowledgment of myself, feeling strength again, walking in me and above all getting up from a lethargy in which I got myself, I understood that change is a search for a higher vibration, where all the Light that I have been carrying will expand much more… I wanted to share with you this experience of love and above all with the magical and loving guidance of María, it has been a gift from the universe to remember my greatness. I love them and carry them in my heart.

Luz, Colombia

“The wheel has been spectacular, it is a super good system that you designed, I congratulate you, I have felt it act on me a lot, I am having the most complete photograph of myself, of the woman I am, of the one I was, of the one I will be, It gives me a super cute feeling”.


Marisol Noriega

“Definitely in my life there is a before and after the ActivaTuMusa program. Heal my interior so that it can be seen reflected on my exterior, learn to love myself to love my neighbor, connect with my blood to cleanse my lineage, know that everything that the power of the world does is done in a circle, connect with myself through of him and with more women. Totally grateful for such powerful knowledge and wanting to shout it out to the whole world because every woman has the right to know this information, thank you again Maria for sharing your knowledge and being a vehicle of love and healing for us. We keep seeing each other to keep learning and bring this information to every corner of the world”.

Aranai, Guatemala 

“Maria, thank you… Words are short to express the blessing that is in my life right now. Thank you… For awakening every cell in me and helping me walk awake, thank you for teaching me tools for real manifestation. Thank you for teaching me that everything in this life is temporary and that to live in meaning is to bless whoever vibrates with you as MUSA!”.

Mónica Rosso 

“It was a magical experience and at the same time very hard. My whole body and my interior went through a deep healing process.”

Eliana Habalian 

”The Activate your Musa Program is one of the many ways that María offers you help. It helped me to recognize who I am now… through a methodical journey through my past I have learned to recognize exactly where many of my behaviors come from and it has helped me understand and accept myself better. Today Maria is a sister that life has given me, a person you can trust, a person who will always bring out the best in you.”. 


“María, you are for me a being full of Light, a wise woman, a medicine woman in every sense of the word. Doing the Activate your Musa wheel empowered me a lot, especially connecting with my girl, my teenager, my adult woman and the wise woman in me. It helped me heal wounds from the past in consciousness and for that I thank you. Aho“. 

Ivy, México