Inspired by the shamanic wheel Activate Your Muse intends to journey with you so you fully ground yourself in the place reserved for you and only you in the Universe.

You’ll receive:

Seven 1 hour group calls: with 7 meditations that will activate the 7 directions of the wheel.

Womb Blessing.

 7 Meditations: that you’ll be able to use time and time again.

Vaginal Steam instructions with herbal support recommendations.

 Access to our private FB group.

  Two 30 minute private coaching sessions. Additional sessions needed during the program will be at 50% discount.

 Pdf with practices.

 10% discount on all my other services for life.

Each of this stages coexists all the time inside of us, even if we aren’t aware. There’s an inner child, an elder wise woman, a younger teen and a mature woman you can talk to and visit. They form your inner council, where you can get the guidance that you need. The key to your well being and happiness is how well you develop a relationship with each of this 4 unique voices.

Activate Your Muse     is a creative lifestyle system that will bring you back home, rooted in Mother Earth, in your own earth which is your body, your intuition, higher self and the deep knowing of the wise one that you already are.

7 online sessions that will activate your:

Manifesting Powers







"I got a lover the day after,

 The magic is powerful and a little wild. How fun to be 40 and single, hahahha The Muse Is Activated”.

— Malieokalani, Creatrix of TOAW

"I was able to connect to my little girl

in a playful and innocent way that was both nourishing and empowering.The whole experience brought me to a renewed sense of what being at home really is”,
— Guayana Páez-Acosta, Founder and CEO of Athena-Lab for Social Change

"I feel I am able to use my power again

at a much higher level of presence & beauty. I am forever grateful”,

— Olga

"I went to a healing session with Maria

and got much more than I expected. In only 3 sessions I was able to heal important areas in my life”,

— Andreina Pradas Happiness Coach at inhance your life.

"The experimental embodiment, guided by Maria,

was life changing for me! She guides by leading by example and artistically supports all the women to express their truth and dreams in an imaginative and sensual way of being. If your feeling called to meet and dance with your inner Muse, explore this role with Maria!”.
— Jackie Ferrerosa, Miami, FL, LMT, Shamanic Practitioner

The wheel is a structure that takes into account the 4 directions: South, West, North, East:

Each direction have a meaning

A power animal that guards it

An element associated it with.

The 5th, the 6th and the 7th directions are:

Mother Earth, Father Sky and the center of the circle which is our inner path.

I created Activate your Muse inspired by the ancient wheel and adapted it to the feminine ways vision I’ve been receiving and practicing for the past 10 years.

The Medicinal Wheel is a tool of energy transformation, with vestiges of more than 4,500 years, used to harmonize the external world with the internal one of a person or town. Through history in all cultures this ritual of connection with Mother Earth has been used, both for gratitude and for making requests and receiving blessings..

The Child:

The innocent, the spontaneous, playful, the curious, the creative.

The Young One:

Our moon cycles, sexuality, becoming the woman, leaving the child, shame.

The Woman:

Relationships, regrets, dreams, motherhood, sensuality, desire, goals, finances.

The Elder:

Wise Woman: knowing life experience, passing down the wisdom, better choices, nourishment.

Our center of the circle will be our wombs:

whether we have one or not, is your place of creation, transformation and empowerment.


January 11th:  Direction of the East, Little Girl, New Beginnings, Fire.

January 22nd:  Direction of the South, Young Maiden, Transition from child to womanhood, EARTH.

February 5th:  Direction of the West, Woman, Shedding, Reborn, Relationships, WATER

February 19th:   Direction of the North, wise woman, nourishing inward, the observer, passing down the wisdom, freedom WIND.

March 5th:  Mother Earth, Manifestation, Relationship to our Mother.

March 19th:  Father Sky, Direction, Relationship to our Fathers, Men in our lives.

April 2nd:  Inner Path, Womb teachings, Rite of Passage of The Muse.

All sessions will be recorded so that you can access them at a later date in case you cannot connect live.


4 payments of: USD$ 199  (automatically withdrawn)

Or one time payment of:  USD$ 707 

Inspired by the shamanic wheel Activate Your Muse intends to journey with you so you fully ground yourself in the place reserved for you and only you in the Universe.

Get clarity with one on one Spiritual Coaching sessions.
Discover how the ancient Vaginal Steam can bring wellness to your body.
Shamanic Clearings for yourself, office and home.
Womb blessings.