Health for Women

My Offerings for your Well Being:

First Consultation “Feminine Reborn” your first appointment with me, we will evaluate what it is in the present moment obstructing your well-being. Whenever a client comes for the first time for a topic, it ends up being much more profound and complex, after having worked with many women I have seen the need to have a longer first consultation appointment. This may include the following, but as I work with the Spirit I cannot say exactly the steps, since depending on the circumstances we will do one thing or another: Initial evaluation, Shamanic Rite of the womb, vaginal steam with sound bath, Reiki and relaxation, herbal bath for feet and final evaluation. Duration 120 minutes. Sometimes I have had women taking a long nap after a session.

(It is necessary to have the first consultation Feminine Reborn before taking this session)

Discover this ancient natural practice that has been used for hundreds of years by women around the world and is now returning. We will make a special blend of organic herbs for your needs. You will begin to feel a difference with respect to session 1. Increase of the libido, relaxation, you will feel centered, improvement in different types of pain, vaginal dryness, prolapse, urinary infection, problems related to emotions, self-esteem, sexual abuse, fertility , postpartum and much more.

We will invoke the 6 directions and call the spirits of the mountains, ocean and our power animal to assist us in the healing of mind, body and spirit. We will recover parts of ourselves that have been intervened or evicted by other spiritual influences. This session is recommended when ancestral blockages of our lineage and repetition of painful patterns persist. Duration 75 mins.

Anytime we go through challenges, changes and new beginnings we must also have a time to bring closure, healing and redefine our lives. There are many deaths and rebirth experiences in our lifetime and having someone who can guide us and help us find the answers is like a light at the end of the tunnel. I channel the Spirit and have developed a very kin and holistic listening skills that involves Body, Mind & Soul. You are in between the person you have been and the one you are about to become and is ok to seek for some help. Duration 60 mins.

Inspired by the shamanic wheel Activate Your Muse intends to journey with you so you fully ground yourself in the place reserved for you and only you in the Universe.

Get clarity with one on one Spiritual Coaching sessions.
Discover how the ancient Vaginal Steam can bring wellness to your body.
Shamanic Clearings for yourself, office and home.
Womb blessings.

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